Workaway in Denmark

Are you looking for a lovely workaway, close to nature in Denmark?

My name is Rasmus, and im a sailor and a naturelover, who is creating a beautiful space for stressed city dwellers to escape to, when personal growth or relaxation is needed.

My place is a former farmhouse placed in the beautiful countryside on the island Møn in Denmark. It has been an ongoing process for some years now, and the place is starting to be like i want, but theres still work to be done.

Therefore i welcome friendly workawayers who wants to combine a great stay with a meaningful workaway.

What work needs to be done?

  • Gardening and planting of all sorts
  • Gathering fruits, herbs etc.
  • General householding
  • Renovating like painting etc.
  • Preparing the sailingboat for the season
  • Creating a nice welcoming first impression
  • Eventually helping with workshops (martial arts, yoga, meditation and so forth if you have knowledge or skills)
  • I’m open to any ideas you may have too

About the workaway House

workaway in denmark

The house is located on the countryside og Møn, a beautiful island in Denmark. Theres plenty of nature here. Forests, coastlines and beaches. The house is a cozy countryhouse with lots of space and a big garden.

The house is very cozy and quite spacious. You’ll have acces to big kitchen, livingroom, garden, atrium and big sunny terrasse.

Who is Your workaway host?

I have been living on the island for almost 20 years. I fell in love with the local nature and coastline, and never got away again.

My primary work is administrating my massage clinic in Copenhagen. I have employees there, and do most of the work from home.

On top of that, i allways have some projects going on the side, and the dream is to make my place on Møn into a nice retreatplace where people can attend courses in massage, workshops or just stay for a nice wellnessretreat.

rasmus ramskov massør

At the moment i’m living here by my self plus my to cats and some chickens. from time to time i have been living with girlfriends, roomies or guests who needed a break from a stressfull life.

Who are You?

if you are i nice emapthic person who can both be social, but also accept that i’m a bit introvert at times, then you might just fit in here.

I’m a hospitable person, and the house is open to most people.
I love to share good experiences by the campfire, in the nature, on the sailingboat, or just good deep conversations in the kitchen.

Can You relate to any of that?

You might be someone who needs a break from life for some reason or another, enjoy closeness to nature or the calmness that this place offer.

You feel energized from doing meaningful work and beeing helpful when needed. And You might find joy in co-creating a great place for others to enjoy.


What I offer is accommodation and food in this lovely place. I am a calm person who feel joy in offering part of a restorative space.

You on the other hand will be helping me with what is listed above, 4-5 hours a day.

If its only you, then you will have your own room, otherwise it’s a bigger shared room.

You may stay some days, weeks or even months if we become a good team. You can se my official workaway profile here!

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